Previous Production – Charley’s Aunt

This spring’s main production was “Charley’s Aunt” by Brandon Thomas.

Charley’s Aunt is a comedic play first performed in 1892. Oxford undergraduates Charley and Jack need a chaperone so they can entertain socialites Amy and Kitty. When Charley receives word that his aunt, Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez, a rich widow from Brazil, is coming to visit, the boys invite Amy and Kitty to lunch to meet her. But when the aunt’s visit is delayed, they persuade their friend Lord Fancourt to impersonate her so that the lunch can go on.

When the real Donna arrives, hijinks ensue and after many twists, turns, and laughs, the play ends happily with three pairs of young lovers united, along with an older pair!

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Previous Production – Doctor Faustus

Our main production in the fall of 2022 was Christopher Marlowe’s Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus.

Originally written sometime around 1590 by Christopher Marlowe, the play centres the titular doctor, who in an obsessive hunt of knowledge turns to the demonic, and a literal deal with the devil, in order to know everything there is to know. With the demon Mephistophilis by his side, and powers beyond those of any mortal, Faustus falls ever deeper into depravity. When is it too late to turn back from evil? And, more importantly, what will it cost if he does not?

Previous Production – Circe’s Treasure

Four pieces of a map, scattered across the world. Four pirate captains, searching for a crew on the isle of Tortuga. Little do they know, soon the hunt for Circe’s treasure will begin. But beware the Prophecy and the kraken, lest you meet a terrible fate!

In the fall of 2022, LUST teamed up with our friends at Kalmar Nation to create an epic, pirate-themed, interactive performance in their pub – with rum, swordplay and grand adventure.

Taped Productions

Videos of some of our previous productions can be found on our Youtube channel.

From the Archives

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