A new semester is starting – and with it a new set of productions! A fifth interactive pub event – this time Western inspired – is currently being written, and our main production for the semester is going to be “Quotidien” by one of our own members, Kadin Tucker. If you would like to find out more, and perhaps join in these endeavors, you can join our organization from the join page!

If you’re interested in participating as an actor, helping out backstage, or perhaps working as a Head of Department for one of our productions, you can sign up for our emailing lists. We’ll send you an email everytime we are holding auditions, everytime our backstage crews meetings begin, and whenever we are recruiting for leadership roles within LUST! Follow the links below to sign up for the lists you’re interested in:

Main Production – Quotidien

Performing 24th-25th of November!

This semester’s play has been written by one of our own members and it is a slice-of-life comedy, depicting the ordinary lives of this friend group.

Auditions are open! Click on the link below to sign up!

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