LUST is a big organisation, with loads of things to help out with, regardless if your interest lies in acting, creating or mainly just hanging out and having fun! Every production has several teams dedicated to making the show as cool as humanly possible, and they are always looking for more people to join in!


At the start of each of our productions, LUST, like most theater companies, selects actors for that production through auditions. Once selected, actors rehearse for weeks or months leading up to the dates for the performance. You do not need experience acting to try out with us – if you wanna be on stage, come show us what you can do, and hopefully we can create something epic together!


No performance can happen without tech. Literally! If we don’t have lights, how will the audience see what is going on on stage? For every show, LUST needs smart folks to man the lights and sound booth, to spin sliders and slide wheels in order to make the stage look and sound as incredible as possible. This group also designs these aspects in the weeks before production, together with the producer and director. If any of this interests you, even if you’ve never done it before, come try it out with us!


The actors can’t just show up in their regular old clothes, no sire! They must be decked out in the most fabulous dress ever seen by human eyes! Or, you know, rags. If that is what the character calls for. Regardless, the costuming crew are the ones responsible. Do you know how to sew? Do make-up? Hair? Use a hot glue gun, or duct tape? Do you not know any of this, but want to learn? This is the team for you!

Set and Props

Did I say that tech are the ones that make the show look good? If so, I was a liar! Clearly, it is set and props that make a show go round. Here, we build everything from little fake fireplaces to giant boxes, arrange flowers, kidnap sofas and drop large quantities of paper in tea to make it look all old and stuff. We paint and sew and use ungodly amounts of duct tape, and if you wanna join us, you are always welcome!

PR and Graphic design

Each of our productions must be marketed, and not only the productions, but also the improv nights and the auditions, the organisation as a whole, and so much more. It’s really quite a hassle! And so, we are always looking for friendly, helpful people, like you, to help us out in these trying times. After all, you have a secret, hidden talent for marketing you are only waiting to unleash! Today, we are trying a new marketing gimmick called “excessive flattery”. Is it working?