We are the Lund Student Theatre (LUST, Lunds Studentteater), an organisation under AF. We are an entirely English-speaking organization with a focus on “traditional” theater rather than Spex.

Every semester we set up a main production, which means we need actors, directors, and people behind the scenes!

Apart from our main production, we offer workshops about everything theatre – improv, methods, you name it! We are also very open to member suggestions. You have a dream? Let’s make it happen!

Upcoming at LUST…

It is time to start working on our main production! Fill out this form here to join a crew and get involved! We also are currently looking for heads of departments, directors, and producers, check out the link above for more information.

Like LUST on Facebook to keep us in your news feed or email info@lundsstudentteater.se to be added to our e-mail list.
We on the board are constantly working on planning future events!

Our events are open to all AF members, beginners welcome!

Get in touch with us

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions, suggestions or ideas:

You can email forman@lundsstudentteater.se for administrative questions, info@lundsstudentteater.se for general questions, come to our Office Hours, or write to us on Facebook or Instagram.

Office Hours: Come talk to us, ask questions or just hang out! We have an open door to our LUST office in the AF-building:
Tuesdays 10–12.