by Federico García Lorca

When Bernarda Alba’s husband dies, she decides to lock herself, her servants and her five daughters in her house for eight years of mourning. She’s determined to not let anything ruin her family, be it malicious gossip from the neigbours or her own daughters’ wishes to get married. Tension quickly builds between the inhabitants, all women, as secrets and jealousy slowly starts to break apart the facade of a family that Bernarda has carefully crafted.
”The House of Bernarda Alba” is a claustrophobic story of hierarchy and personal agency, and how they affect our place in a community, be it a family or a village.
Written by Federico García Lorca in Spain during the early 1930s, this play reflects upon and criticizes its time.
But it is just as applicable to many unwritten rules in society today as it was then.
Directors: Julia Jarvi & Johanna Hansson-Persson
Producer: Daesung Cho